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Are you the next GMA Global Ambassador?

Hi, my name is Ruth Belcher and I’m the founder of Global Moto Adventures. Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

As an avid motorcyclist, one of my greatest passions in life is riding; second, to that is supporting Women Who Ride. I love it when women share their stories about riding, especially how they first learned how to ride or about their first epic adventure. I love it all.

I also get excited and totally inspired when I learn about how we can support one another in our local riding communities and around the world. I love connecting women with each other for support and to build community and friendships. 

I’d like to invite you to become a Global Ambassador for GMA. What does that mean you might ask?

Are you passionate about riding? Are you inspired by other women who ride?  Do you feel passionate about your riding community and building a community? Have you gone on an epic adventure that you want to share with the world? 

Is it simple? Do you ride? Then you have a story to tell, and we want to hear all about it!!

You never know, the story you tell may be exactly what someone across the world needs to hear to be inspired to ride and live their dream of riding!

Thank you, and remember––Live your dream, it’s a journey.

Fill out the info fields down below, we will email you instructions and a questionnaire. Maybe you can become our next GMA Global Ambassador.

Let’s ride!

Introducing a group of women that have successfully ascended Mana Pass,  The World’s Highest Motorable Pass.

Bhavana Issar, our first Global Ambassador and her fellow riders have an amazing story to share. So inspiring.


Bhavana Issar

Press Note for Drivol Sponsored “Being a Woman” ride powered by The BlueChem Group

Seven women, from diverse backgrounds and diverse personalities yet common in their passion for riding motorcycles and the belief that there are many ways of “being a woman” decided to undertake an expedition that meant creating new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of the body, mind and the what it means to be a woman. They decided to take their motorcycles to Mana pass, which is the highest motorable pass at 18399 ft above sea level.

This expedition meant riding for 1200 kms over 10 days. The expedition travelled to Nelang Valley and Jhadung village which has been opened for the first time after the 1962 debacle. Then the seven riders rode all the way from Uttarkashi through the picturesque valleys to Tilwara, to arduous Badrinath and finally in the ultimate test of physical and mental strength to Mana Gaon which is the last village in the Indian territory. Beyond Mana gaon the team climbed up to the Mana pass with the able, warm and efficient support of Indo-Tibetan Border Police and the Indian Army, who were extremely hospitable and encouraging.

Each day was a new learning in multiple ways of being a person, being a team, discovering one’s capabilities and pushing the boundaries of the mind and the body. Each climb on roads, and often on terrain that had no roads meant a new challenge and left the group with a sense of achievement, fun and mixed feelings of fear, anxiety, determination and joy.

This is the first time ever that a group of women riders have attempted a ride to the Mana pass and have applied for the recognition by the Limca Book of Records.

The seven women are Sheetal Bidaye (39yrs, riding Hero Impulse 150cc, professional rider), Kanchan K Tamhankar (38yrs, riding Thunderbird 350cc, Software design strategist), Trupti Sarmalkar (49yrs, riding KTM Duke200, fitness expert), Shubhangi Manjrekar (39, riding Thunderbird 350cc, advertising professional), Shalaka Zad (38yrs, riding Royal Enfield Classic 350cc, interior designer), Bhavana Issar (41yrs, riding Thunderbird 500cc, business consultant) and Sneh Joshi (54yrs, riding Royal Enfield 350cc, Insurance agent).

The ride was organized and supported by The Vagabond, Where Eagles Dare and Sambhaavna group, who share the passion of creating possibilities and pushing the boundaries. The team from Where Eagles Dare provided the support and the platform for the team to spread the message, create awareness and realize this quest.

DRIVOL sponsored “Being a Woman” Ride powered by The Bluechem group. DRIVOL is a leading German manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases and related services to automotive, industrial, marine, aviation, oil exploration and production customers across the world. It is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. DRIVOL has ensured that most of our Engine Oils we manufacture are SUPERKLEEN. The oils go through multiple layers of High quality filters to ensure minimum contamination!

The Bluechem Group is the Worlds leader in High Technology Automotive Maintenance & Performance Enhancement solutions, based in Germany and are F1 Partner for the SAUBER TEAM.

Wrangler Denims were the apparel partners for the riders and provided the team with their Motojackets, jeans and backpacks.

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